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Rob Himmelberg
Handyman Service

Cell:  760-532-0615

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Good Guys Handyman Service 

Good Guys are always honest, and they do top quality work at a fair price!


I don’t just do the job and forget it, because Good Guys Handyman Service is not a large or impersonal business based somewhere else. This is a local small business that I operate personally. I live and work in this community with you. I am your neighbor as well as your local handyman. So, I take pride in making OUR community look and feel like the place WE want to call home. After your project is done, I will continue to live in our community, so I make absolutely sure my friends and neighbors are happy with my work. I show up on-time, work hard, and make sure you are happy.

I’m an honorably discharged veteran and a retired police officer, so I have spent most of my life serving our country and our local communities. Honesty, integrity, and service to my community. Have always been at the top of my priority list. Today, I serve you by helping with your home maintenance needs. 


If you need a handyman you can trust, always call a Good Guy!


For any of your handyman needs, 

let's connect 

Cell:  760-532-0615


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