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Robert Banks, MBA

(619) 507-6700


ACTIV365 Consulting

ACTIV365 Consulting is a Life and Executive Performance Coaching firm founded by Robert Banks in 2017. It grew out of his passion for improving interpersonal relationships, and a desire to help people grow and succeed. ACTIV365 partners with individuals, businesses and teams to identify their personal and professional goals and together map out a plan to achieve them, and become the very best versions of themselves.

Robert has decades of corporate experience, an MBA education, Coaching certification through an accredited ICF program, and a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. In addition to these credentials, his friendliness, professionalism, business acumen, and passion for helping people make him an excellent choice for your Coaching needs!

The benefits to Coaching with ACTIV365 Consulting are many and include:

  • Personal and Professional Goal Identification

  • Plan development for Goal Execution

  • Accountability

  • Soft Skills Development

  • Improved Self-awareness

  • Business Consulting Services

Coaching helps clients accomplish their personal or professional goals by:

  • Providing the right support, structure and resources to get them ‘unstuck’ in their lives

    so that they can move forward

  • Providing the necessary guidance, influence and assistance needed to help them achieve

    success in their lives

  • Building a partnership to create balance to live a more fulfilling life

Let ACTIV365 get you into action to reach your goals and create the future you desire and deserve. It all starts with a simple conversation, so let’s talk!


Whether it's personal or business consulting, I can help. Let's connect.

(619) 507-6700


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