Lennie Arkans, RN

Vascular Specialist, VenaPulse device

ACI Medical, LLC History:  ACI Medical, LLC is a biomedical engineering firm engaged in research, development, management and sales of theraputic products and technologies for individuals with varying degrees of lower limb and life threatening vascular conditions.  With more than 30 years' experience bringing innovative healthcare products to market, we are committed to developing, producing and distributing the highest quality products for patients, consumers and healthcare professionals.

Whether you are a physician looking for effective treatment for your vascular diseased patients, a concerned family member researching conservative treatment options for a loved one, an athlete looking to train harder and smarter, or a patient simply dreaming of a pain free

lifestyle...read on and learn more about what ACI Medical can offer.  www.acimedical.com/products.


Lennie Arkans, RN

ACI Medical, LLC
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