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Among Friends.

BBN North County San Diego - About Us

You already know that more business deals are made by warm handshakes than cold calls.

Since June 1, 1984 BBN "Business Builders Network," an exclusive business networking group, has been a resource in North County in beautiful San Diego County for networking, lead exchange, information, education and community leadership.

 We meet every Tuesday morning for breakfast.  Our format is casual and friendly.  The meeting is structured to stimulate lead generation and acknowledgment.  Our speakers are members or, on occasion, a guest.  (Each active member has the opportunity to be the main speaker at some time during the year).

We also organize four yearly social events, which provide BBN members the opportunity to create new or renew old relationships.

We invite you to learn more.  Join us at our next event!

BBN North County San Diego Business Group

A word from our President...

"BBN's members are committed to helping each others' businesses to prosper and to contribute to the communities of North County in beautiful San Diego County.

How do we do that? Through relationships, education, and referrals. As one of the oldest business networking groups in the region, BBN uses regular gatherings to build up local entrepreneurs, CEOs, single proprietorships, financiers and community leaders.

Join us so we can get to know one another."

Dr. Deena Stacer
BBN North County President