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Joy Thompson has been massaging professionally since 1999 and received her HHP in 2002. She loves bodywork as a profession and thinks that she has found her calling in her career. She believes that everyone needs bodywork in their lives.

Joy's Special massage: A mix of sports, deep tissue, passive joint movement and myofascial release to bring vitality and relaxation to the client. 

Sports massage therapy is deep and invigorating. This massage also utilizes cross-fiber techniques to clean out old adhesions and scar tissue to promote better performance and faster healing.

Deep Tissue massage therapy uses slow strokes and deep pressure to manipulate fascia.

Pregnancy massage: A pregnant body goes through so much change during the nine months -- this massage promotes balance and relaxation. It nurtures both mother-to-be and baby. When the doctor releases a patient to receive a massage (after the baby is born), a post-natal massage helps the new mother heal and relax.

Geriatric massage is a gentle massage with the elder body's needs in mind. Special consideration is made for the delicate skin and attention is paid to making gentle passive movements to the joints.

Swedish massage therapy is also called circulatory massage. This is a "light" massage best known for relaxing the body and improving circulation using long, smooth strokes.

Thai massage therapy is also known as Passive Yoga (or Thai Yoga Massage). This is a massage done on a floor mat with the client fully clothed (loose, comfortable clothes is a necessity) and with no oil, where the practitioner stretches the client. (each session runs approximately 90 minutes)

Shiatsu: This word translated from Japanese means "finger pressure". This is an Acupressure massage therapy that uses the practitioner's pressure on the meridians and tsubos to promote good health and release blocked energy by stimulating the movement of chi.

Tui Na: An Eastern modality that uses oscillation to increase energy along with traditional presses and pulls. This massage seeks to increase and balance chi (life energy) and focuses on moving chi through ill and injured areas where blockages tend to occur.

Chair Massage: This type of massage is available on-site for a 2-hour minimum at your business location. These "mini" massages are great for a small group of people, and can be in 5, 10, or 15 minute intervals depending on the group's size. This modality is focused on the neck, shoulders and upper back with no lotion or oil used and no clothing removed (except for men's ties). Stress reduction equals productivity, a calm work environment, and less absenteeism.


Joy Thompson, HHP, CMT

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"Massage therapy is a wonderful aid for relaxation and healing. I love to spread the JOY of massage therapy because I believe every BODY deserves massage"